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What e-Frontiers can do for you

You want reliable, resilient, trained and passionate educators for your institution with whom you can further promote your long-term success. We know exactly what you are looking for because our experts have many years of experience in China, as former teachers outside and inside of China and as recruiters for Chinese educational institutions .

That is why we are not only providing you with teachers, we are connecting you to TEACHERS (Talented Enthusiastic Amicable Cosmopolitan Hardworking Eager Reliable Spirits). These future assets of your company are not simply recruited but our in-house trainers make sure that they are prepared in the best way possible for their new work and the life in China.

Services Provided

  • Sourcing of the best quality candidates based on your needs
  • Interviewing candidates online, over the phone and in person
  • Pre-departure orientation and training for candidates
  • Assisting applicants with documentation
  • Verifying candidates and documents
  • Background check

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