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What e-Frontiers can do for you

International schools and training institutions need reliable, resilient, trained and passionate educators who assure and further promote long-term success. We know exactly what you and the schools are looking for because our experts have many years of experience in China and the UAE, as former teachers outside and inside of these countries and as recruiters for educational institutions worldwide.

That is why we are not only providing you with teachers, we are connecting you to an environment to give you the structure and opportunity to grow as a person, advance your career in a multitude of ways and meet people from all over the world. We will not simply recruit you but our in-house trainers will make sure that you are ready in the best way possible for your new work and the adventure of your lifetime!

Services Provided

  • Matching your profile with the best roles/opportunities out there
  • Interview-prep online, over the phone and in person
  • Pre-departure orientation and training
  • Assistance with documentation
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • No strings attached service
  • Advice and interview tips tailored to your needs
  • Agent on the ground to help you settle in.

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